Atomic Performance Products have available a range of heavy duty valvetrain weapons for the Ford SOHC and DOHC 6 cylinder engines. Our range includes H/Duty and Race Springs, chrome moly retainers, machined chrome moly valve locks, stainless steel valves, solid and anti pump-up lifters.

High Performance Hydraulic Lifters
Atomic lifters are the only true anti pump-up hydraulic lifter made for the SOHC and DOHC Ford 6 cyl engine. Precisely manufactured to work at high RPM and manage higher volumes of oil (as a result of increased RPM), Atomic lifters have specially designed metering circuits and bypass valving which allows excess oil to bypass the main lifter reservoir once it is full, thereby reducing the effects of lifter pump up. We have run DOHC engines in excess of 8100 RPM without lifter pump-up issues.

Made to the stock physical dimensions, Atomic High Performance hydraulic lifters are a drop-in replacement for the trouble prone stock lifters and come in matched sets of 12 for the SOHC engine or 24 for the DOHC.

Anti pump-up lifters to suit DOHC Ford 6 cyl.
Set of 24.

Anti pump-up lifters to suit SOHC Ford 6 cyl 11mm OD.
Set of 12.

Anti pump-up lifters to suit SOHC Ford 6 cyl 14mm OD. Set of 12.

High Performance Solid Lifters
Atomic solid lifters are a patented (Patent #2012100044) and are a drop-in replacement for the trouble prone stock hydraulic lifters. Manufactured only for the Barra DOHC engine they provide the ultimate in valvetrain stability in high revving 6 cylinders, having seen in excess of 9000 RPM with total reliability on our test engines. The lifters require shimming up to provide the correct clearance shims sold separately.

Solid lifters suit DOHC Ford 6 cyl Set of 24.



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