External Belt Drive Systems
Atomic now have available external belt drive kits to suit the Ford DOHC 6 cyl engine. This drive kit can be used to drive external oil pumps or mechanical fuel pumps. It bolts directly to Atomic #306100 or #306100-UD balancers.

And to make setting up a mechanical fuel pump even easier, we also produce a billet alloy fuel pump mounting bracket which is designed to accommodate Aeromotive belt drive mechanical fuel pumps - part #11105 or #11115.

#306243 - Mechanical fuel pump drive kit
Mandrel/hub assembly, 14T crank sprocket and 28T pump pulley - does not include pump. To be used in conjunction with #306245 bracket.

#306244 - Mandrel/drive hub and retaining flange only
For use with dry sump or mechanical fuel pumps.

#306245 - Billet fuel pump mounting bracket suit Aeromotive mechanical fuel pumps
Pump or drive kit not included.




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