The solution to Ford's 6 cylinder engines having harmonic resonance at high RPM and or high power levels is Atomic Anchorlox®. A simple yet effective method to ensure bolts and nuts cannot come loose, no matter how much heat and vibration they are subjected to.

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Our cams are designed to produce more power by harnessing more residual exhaust gas heat, pressure and velocity to impart greater motion to the turbine, which helps develop turbo boost pressure more efficiently. On the inlet side, careful matching of the valve opening and closing valve events to the piston motion of the long stroke (1.55 L/R ratio) provides much greater cylinder filling capacity, hence engines develop considerably more power from a given boost level.

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Cam Drives/Components
The Ford DOHC 6 cylinder engine has hydraulically adjustable camshaft timing which is controlled by the factory ECU. The factory tuning retards cam timing (of both cams simultaneously) at light throttle above 100 KPH to aid emissions and fuel consumption and subsequently provides no advantage to the performance enthusiast.

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Atomic billet steel conrods were designed from scratch with one principle in mind, use aerospace quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes to produce an extremely strong, light and durable connecting rod for the popular inline 6 cylinder Ford SOHC/DOHC engines, at an affordable price.

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Over the last 20 years we have refined the heat treatment methodologies of nodular iron cranks to provide a considerable increase in fatigue resistance, making them a reliable and cost effective crankshaft for moderate performance applications.

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Cylinder Heads

We witnessed numerous catastrophic engine failures after consumers had undertaken simple modifications such as free flowing exhausts and cold air intake systems to otherwise stock vehicles, so it became apparent there was a need for us to engineer some hard core solutions to address inherent factory weaknesses.

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Dress Up
Even though we are primarily focussed on making serious power from the Ford 6 cyl engine, the appearance aspects have not been forgotten. Jet-Hot ceramic coated timing covers can make your engine look every bit as good as it goes!

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Atomic engines and components are engineered, dynoed, track tested and fully warranted to give you confidence you won’t be let down in the heat of competition.

And you also have the option of either an engine built to your requirements or we can rebuild your own - the choice is yours!

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Engine Rebuild Kits
Experienced engine builders/tuners are aware of the exponential increase of internal loads when engines are tuned to produce more power, so the answer is to upgrade your engine with an Atomic “Bulletproof” engine rebuild kit before a costly engine explosion takes place.

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External Belt Drive Systems
Atomic now have available external belt drive kits to suit the Ford DOHC 6 cyl engine. This drive kit can be used to drive external oil pumps or mechanical fuel pumps. It bolts directly to Atomic #306100 or #306100-UD balancers.

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The flexplates in Ford 6 cyl turbocharged engines are subjected to severe torsional loadings. Over 1000+ HP is channelled through a flimsy sheetmetal flexplate to motivate a vehicle weighing in excess of 1800 kgs (3960lbs), which puts enormous loads on the standard item.

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Gaskets & Kits
We have gone to great lengths to source, test and approve gaskets and seals for the venerable Ford 6 cylinder engines and have packaged them as complete engine kits, as well as making them available individually.

Our kits are totally complete for turbo and N/A engines and include tried and tested components such as high temp silicon rear main and harmonic balancer seals, oil cooler to block o-ring, etc.

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Harmonic Balancers
Atomic High-Mass dampeners are designed to absorb torsional vibrations of the crankshaft/rotating mass of the engine, which increases the life of engine components such as crankshafts, bearings and drive systems. They also allow for quicker engine acceleration, deceleration and contribute to smoother running of the engine.

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To take advantage of high flow rates of the DOHC Ford cylinder head, Atomic have produced an inlet manifold and fuel rail kit specifically designed for high performance atmospheric or turbo/blown applications.

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Main Cap Girdles
Strengthen the bottom end of high powered Ford 6 cylinder SOHC and DOHC engines by adding an Atomic main cap girdle. Precision laser cut from billet steel and precision CNC machined, our main cap girdles are designed to tie all 7 main caps together to increase structural integrity of the block and main bearing caps.

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Oil Pumps & Components
High performance Ford 6 cylinder DOHC engines need a high performance oil pump, and Atomic has engineered the answer. We produce billet steel oil pump gears to replace the powdered metal OE gears and also supply fully prepped pumps or can rebuild your own.

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Atomic have tried and tested to destruction virtually every piston on the market for the DOHC Ford 6 cylinder and now have available what we consider to be the pinnacle of engineering excellence in turbo piston design and manufacture.

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Stud Kits
Necessity is the Mother of Invention, or so goes the saying, but we didn’t invent head or main studs - they have been around for quite some time, fastening together highly stressed engine components far more efficiently than bolts. All we did was tool up to produce our own high quality H-11 Tool Steel studs for applications in cases where they were either priced outrageously or were simply unavailable.

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Tools & Tricky Bits
We have been building performance engines for over 2 decades and have developed, via necessity, a number of specialist tools to facilitate various specialist engine building procedures such as checking dimensions, measuring cams, etc. We have also made or found many simple fixes to common problems and share these finds with our customers. Have a look over the following tricky bits to see if there is anything that will assist you to become a better engine builder!

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Turbo Exhaust Manifolds
Atomic merge-cone manifolds are just the ticket to mount up a T4 to T6 flanged turbo on your DOHC screamer. Careful attention has been paid to our runner design which directs exhaust gas/heat to the turbo with the minimal turbulence and at the highest possible velocity. The positioning of the waste gate port is critical and our 60mm port provides excellent control of exhaust gas without causing turbulence during bleed off.

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Turbocharger Kits
All Atomic turbo kits are custom configured to match the characteristics of the 4.0L DOHC engine and provide excellent power increases with minimal turbo lag. Countless hours of R&D has gone into trialling and selecting the correct compressor and turbine wheel diameters, compressor housing size and turbine A/R to achieve outstanding drivability and prodigious power increases.

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Atomic Performance Products have available a range of heavy duty valvetrain weapons for the Ford SOHC and DOHC 6 cylinder engines. Our range includes H/Duty and Race Springs, chrome moly retainers, machined chrome moly valve locks, stainless steel valves and anti pump-up lifters.

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