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Durability and performance are our focus at Atomic Performance Products. With many decades of hands-on experience developing and testing our products, you know you'll get high quality performance products that are designed to handle the rigours of high-performance usage.

An Australian company with over 50 years of experience!

At Atomic Performance Products®, we pride ourselves on being an Australian Company that manufactures a small but specialized range of hard core components and high performance long engines based around the venerable Ford “Barra” inline 6 cylinder engine.

With over 50 years of high performance engine building engineering and manufacturing experience, Atomic is the brainchild of Brad Girdwood, a veteran of the performance automotive Industry. Brad forged a reputation for high quality performance engines in the 80’s and 90’s at the helm of Brads Speed Shop in Sydney, leveraging this formidable experience to create Atomic in 2005. Seeing a large number of engine failures in the “new” DOHC Ford Barra engine back in 2004, it was obvious to Brad and the team that a range of high quality engine internals would be required to handle the power levels of “tuned-up” Turbo 6’s, so they set about designing a range of hard core engine parts that were up to the challenges.
Since then the range has increased from just one part number to over 3700 part numbers of engines and products to help harness the virtually limitless power available from the Barra engine.

atomic performance staff member

Our Automotive Milestones

  • Pioneering the supply of prepped High Performance short motors for the turbo Ford 6
  • Developing a harmonic balancer that absorbs more torsional vibration than any other.
  • Introducing a 12 month Warranty on Ford 6 Performance motors in 2005 - an industry first
  • Introducing a no bullshit KW (or HP) rating for conrods in 2005
  • Producing a cost effective billet gear oil pump for the DOHC 6 engine
  • Solving head lifting problems in high HP engines with 14.3mm head studs.
  • Increasing warranty period to 2 years on our performance engines from 2007
  • Developing a main cap support girdle in 2004
  • Developing and manufacturing vernier adjustable cam sprockets
  • Creating 3 different valve springs to suit different boost levels
  • Granted a Patent in 2006 for our on-car valve spring replacement tool, which brought about substantial reductions in the price of valve spring replacement.
  • Forging a partnership with Cosworth Engineering UK to develop Formula One quality pistons for the Barra engine.
  • Introducing engine modernisation to the Ford 6, such as pressure fed gudgeon pins and piston crown cooling to the Barra Ford 6 cyl Turbo
  • Developed an entirely new billet "parabolic" adjustable timing chain guide, to alleviate problems with guide damage at high RPM.
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Innovative Design

Approximately 80% of our products have been marketed first by us, demonstrating our ability to innovate, rather than copy. Before we design a product or an engine package, we listen to what our customers need, and by working closely with world class racers, specialist workshops and tuners right from the point of conceptualisation, Atomic develops innovative products that really perform.

We utilise only the best quality materials with state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing processes.  We ensure all products are precisely hand finished by experienced tradespeople and then rigorous quality assurance checks are carried out. Because we believe so strongly in our products, we back them up. Customer service is our focus at Atomic Performance products and you are assured of a high level of customer satisfaction.

Backyard mechanics, small workshops, specialist tuners and professional racers all benefit from Atomic's ongoing quest to supply race proven components. These parts form the foundation for many record setting performances, worldwide.

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